Fifty-Five Years a Grouse Hunter, Signed Copies

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If you ran into Frank Jezioro in the grouse woods, you wouldn’t guess that he served as the director of the West Virginia Department of Natural Resources under two governors – which is practically unheard of – until he stepped away into retirement. You wouldn’t know that as a friend and confidant of West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin, a hunting and fishing buddy, Frank serves as a liaison and conduit between the senator and the myriad hunting and conservation groups seeking to have their voices heard on Capitol Hill.
What you would know is that you’d be looking at a real grouse hunter. You’d be looking at a man who knows how to breed and train grouse dogs, building them from the ground up, because for Frank, grouse hunting is all about the dogs. His setters and pointers over the years have been the best anyone could ask for. And they’ve had to be in the up-and-down Appalachian grouse country where Frank lives and hunts.
But he doesn’t just hunt there. Frank’s chased ruffed grouse in Canada and after sampling New England and all the Lake States, he has settled on Michigan, and every October will find him there.

This book is the distilled knowledge and experience of a man who has pursued grouse, the King of Game Birds, for the better part of six decades and counting. He knows the bird, the covers, the dogs, and the guns. Spend time with this book, and you’ll come away perhaps not knowing as much as Frank Jezioro does, but you’ll know a whole lot more than you did.


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