Flyfisher's Guide to the Big Apple

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Great Waters within 150 miles of New York City
By Tom Gilmore
American flyfishing is rooted in the area surrounding New York City, and author Tom Gilmore’s intimate knowledge of this history, and more importantly the fishing, will guide you from brook to brook and hatch to hatch. Gilmore hits on everything from the well-known rivers to the out-of-the-way babbling streams about which only the locals know.
From the Catskills to the Susquehanna, the Lehigh to urban spring creeks, and the Brodhead to the Delaware and much more, this guide will break down the area’s tremendous fishing, including the whens, wheres, hows and more. Each water has its own hatch chart, map, driving directions and thorough description.

Residents of this populated and busy area can easily escape the hustle and bustle with this marvelous new book. Perfect for the flyfishers in your life!

Softcover 6 x 9 inches
416 pages, 35 maps
80+ B & W photos
ISBN: 978-1-932098-83-9 / UPC: 8-09206-98839-2