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Brag Dog and Other Stories Hard bound with slipcase Limited Edition
William C. Hazelton; Ilustrated by Brett Smith
Brag Dog and Other Stories: The Best of Vereen Bell Illustrations by Marguerite Kirmse; Edited by Darren Brown Vereen Bell was a promising young author with three books and dozens of articles to his credit when he was killed in the Second Battle of the Philippines in World War II at the age of 33. As a result, his exceptional writing about dogs and the sporting life has gone virtually unnoticed for decades. Had Vereen Bell lived, he undoubtedly would have been discussed in the same breath with other great southern sporting writers, such as Rutledge and Babcock. His best stories were about bird dogs and quail hunting, and many appeared in the leading magazines of the day, such as the Saturday Evening Post and Collier’s. Several of his bird dog stories rank among the best ever written but have not been available to read until now. Bell’s writing is one of the true hidden gems left in sporting writing. We are honored to present this special edition of the best of his work. This edition will be slipcased and bound in fine cloth. The etchings and drypoints of Marguerite Kirmse, one of the most famous dog illustrators of the century, will accompany the text of this book. HB Slipcased 7 ´ 10 220 pages

Chuck Johnson and Darren Brown of Wilderness Adventures Press have gathered 15 superb stories in BRAG DOG AND OTHER STORIES: THE BEST OF VEREEN BELL. Bell was a minor master at what might be called Southern rural irony. The ironic Bell was a keen observer and an honest recorder of how dog breeding, training, field trialing and bird hunting cut across class and racial lines in the rural South of his experience. One of the virtues of this, volume is Vereen Bell’s craftsmanship in describing the way bird dogs work captures the kinetic energy of pointer as well as any writer I know. His descriptions of working dogs are priceless. This collection includes a novella, “Trial by Marriage ” that could easily be the basis for an excellent screenplay. No story I know of captures the world of field-trialing so well, not just the dogs but the lives drawn to it, for better or worse. Bell’s work is accompanied by Marguerite Kirmse’s drawings. Few artists could do justice to Bell’s prose descriptions of working dogs. She can.

–Chris Camuto, Book Reviewer
Gray’s Sporting Journal, August 2000

ISBN: 978-1-885106-84-1 / UPC: 8-09206-06842-1