Our Mission: To provide our friends and customers with the most detailed and up-to-date information about fishing, hunting, sporting dog training, and birding.

Blanche and I have been avid flyfishers, hunters, German wirehair breeders, and bird watchers for over 40 years. We have fished and hunted from New Brunswick and British Columbia, Canada to Alaska and in many of the states. In 1992, we moved from Ohio to Montana and started publishing books as Wilderness Adventures Press. We created a series of state and regional guidebooks that would give outdoor enthusiasts complete and up-to-date information that would make their flyfishing, hunting, or birding adventures a success and a memorable trip.
We seek out authors for our books who have a passion for their sport and outstanding knowledge of the area that they are writing about. All of our books have detailed maps of the rivers, or the birding locations, or hunting areas. We also publish over 130 full-color river maps with GPS coordinates and full-color map books. When we are not out in the field or river, we can be reached at our office in Belgrade, Montana. We welcome your visits and calls.

Our German wirehair ‒ Annie ‒ lives with us in the house on our 10 acres in Gallatin Gateway, Montana. They also go to the office with us. We have left our acreage in native prairie grass and it is a year-round home to wildlife. We have both mule deer and white-tailed deer year round, and many elk graze on our property in the winter. We have sandhill cranes in the spring and summer. Our property is also home to a covey of Hungarian partridge as well as over 30 species of birds and over 20 different wildflowers.