Meditations on Hunting

Meditations on Hunting
By José Ortega y Gasset
'Meditations on Hunting' is the most quoted book in sporting literature. It's the finest work on the essence and ethics of hunting. Today when both hunting and fishing are often condemned, 'Meditations' takes on an even greater significance. Ortega points out that life is a dynamic interchange between man and his surroundings. He explains that hunting is part of man's very nature, that"hunting is a universal and impassioned sport.... it is the purest form of human happiness. The essence of hunting or fishing involves a complete code of ethics of the most distinguished design. The sportsman who accepts the sporting code of ethics keeps his commandments in the greatest solitude with no witnesses or audience other than the sharp peaks of the mountain, the stern oak, and the passing animal." This important book of sporting literature belongs in the library of every sportsman. We are honored to offer you a handsome special edition of 'Meditations on Hunting'. Our edition is bound in rich cloth, on acid free linen paper, with a silk ribbon and a handsome slipcase. We commissioned Datus Proper, author of the acclaimed 'What the Trout Said' and 'Pheasants of the Mind', to write a special introduction. Eldridge Hardie, one of today's foremost sporting aritists, created the full page illustrations especially for our edition.

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